Welcome to the new MFA blog!

Please look around and get familiar with the layout then log-in and browse the userside options. Students Faculty and Alumni can create posts edit links and add comments to any topic they see fit.

To log-in follow this link or click on “Log-in” at the top of the page to get started. From the log-in page registered users can enter their user id and password to access the posting and editing capablities. Its a good idea to bookmark the home page too!

Current students and faculty have access to lynda.com; this is a great resource for learning the basics of wordpress. Please review these lessons so that you can start creating and editing you own posts!


To get help on how to use the blog see the simple answers post under the help category. This post addresses specific MFA blog options and FAQs. To learn more about the WordPress platform and its various options and applications, visit the WordPress codex.

WordPress Lesson Links